Who are we?

Welcome to our first blog post!


Let me share a little about myself. My name is Jelena, and I am married and have two beautiful children. Every letter of our brand name JAEE stands for a family member. Each piece of our unique collection is created with the biggest devotion to detail just for YOU. By wearing any of our items, you are joining our family.



I grew up in an artist's family, and all my life I was in touch with creativity. All my family, especially my father and sister are handicraft artists. Growing up I loved cooking and making jewelry for family and friends and this interest grew into making others happy through jewelry. I love being creative and JAEE is the perfect place for me to show my creative side. Since I was little I can clearly remember creating my own dainty treasures for wear. I remember making these small pieces from Grandmas necklaces and sewing wool. Each piece I created was a part of me and my surroundings and that reflected greatly on how they looked. I knew then that eventually when I was older I would have my own shop to share these beautiful pieces with YOU

The reason I decided to start a blog was to give you an idea of our high-quality personalized gifts and how to care for them tips and tricks on making them last a long time. Through our blogs, you'll get tips on choosing and ordering the perfect gifts, tips on how to wear different types of JAEE jewelry and most importantly what to do in case something should happen to your new pieces. Lots of different tutorials and advice before and after buying this kind of jewelry.

I am open for suggestions, advice, q&a, and anything that you guys would like to know about handmade personalized jewelry. See you back here next Friday! In the meantime, I would Love it if you'd leave a comment saying, "hi!"

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